Last Stable version is last fully tested version, 

in any case can not be guaranteed bug free.
Overnight snapshot is the latest release under development
It is not fully tested and may generate instabilities

basic installation
The programs are developed in portable technology.
To install a full version simply unzip the module and copy it to the favorite folder.
The overnight snapshot, instead, contain only the updates (generally only RobotLaser.exe) 

to be copied to the installation folder overwriting the old files 

(ALWAYS do a backup before).

To register the program, follow the instructions at startup, or by the Info button (Question Mark)
It 'important to use a valid email address because the answer will be sent to the email indicated.

Order to prevent the email request is misidentified as spam, 

please generate the email request using the appropriate button.


The license is tied to disk where it is installed RobotLaser, 

if you want to use the program on more than one PC,

 just install the program on removable disk (USB stick etc.)

Moving to another PC you can validate the program with the same received license 

(Always make a backup of the license, another copy will not release out of the beta phase).


Now is possible to use MARLIN Firmware to drive a 3D printer with laser in place of extrusor. 

Is also possible to install a milling cutter -> MiniCNC

It will soon be available a version of GRBL for Arduino Uno + RAMPS 1.4 hardware.



Take a look on the Benbox Laser DIY Machines Forum : 

*) Genesis of a Laser Controller

*) RobotLaser Installation Media

*) Robot Laser Final Version


At the moment the license fee for RobotLaser Standard (with 1 year updates) is fixed at
promotional value of 30.00

additional license 15.00

The liberation code will be sent as soon as we receive PayPal notification of the payment.

Known Bugs:
Code Function Description Status
#1107001 DXF Import Mirroring (Flip) of ellipse arc is treathed as rotation (Not mirror)  Full ellipse work proprely Work in Progress


  • V.
    • Standard Release
  • V.
    • FREE Version
    • End of free development


Please email me at: